How I tire of hearing politicians argue the fact the referendum is now outdated because since the 2016 vote, around one million voters have since died and a million new young people have come of age to vote.

So the million who have passed away were all leavers were they?

Maybe 25 per cent of them never even bothered to vote anyway?

And will all the new young people vote to remain?

And isn’t it strange how the original referendum in 1975, the first time I was old enough to vote, despite those 41 years since, the question of the vote being outdated was never brought up.

We all know now we were lied to in 1975, the common market was just a cover for the real intentions, to create one big federal state of Europe and have every aspect of our lives controlled by them.

The second argument our remainer politicians state is we never voted for no deal, that the only thing on the ballot paper was a simple In or Out.

They argue had we known about no deal, we'd have voted to stay in, how do they know that?

When will they learn not to take the voters for fools, the voters knew what voting to leave meant, and it is the EU which is making no deal the likely outcome, not the UK.

No deal is happening because MP's have rejected the deal on offer, quite rightly too, given the issue of the backstop.

We can get a deal, which ALL politicians want in order to respect the democratic vote of the people, if they unite behind the Prime Minister, but by refusing to do so, by attempting to bring him down, all they are doing is giving strength to the EU to stand firm and refuse to re-negotiate, waiting and hoping Parliament can bring down the government and install a PM who would keep us in the EU despite the referendum decision of the people, a new PM created by a makeshift Parliament has no mandate to reverse the most important democratic vote the people of the UK has ever undertaken and all politicians should have the decency to respect it.

The leader of the Lib Dems, Jo Swinton has declared she will do everything in her power to stop Brexit, a fine believer of democracy she is then, when did the people vote by majority to remain, I must have missed it.

But here's the most strange thing of all, about 40 Conservative MP's, led by the traitorous Dominic Grieve are willing to bring down their own government in order to prevent no deal, because they fear it will do severe damage to the economy - what do they think will happen to our economy if a coalition between Labour and the SNP take control, it will be far far worse than a no deal scenario for sure, people will be running for the hills if they cannot escape the country!

But their fears are not really about the economy, it is their excuse to stop Brexit by any means, they are remainers who have no respect for democracy.

At the end of the day, if the EU refuse to re-negotiate the withdrawal agreement, already rejected three times by parliament by insisting they are not going to budge on the backstop, then we simply have to leave.

The EU know full well no deal will hurt them far more than the UK and I believe if our politicians of all persuasions hold their nerve, the EU will blink first and come back to the table.

But it only happens if our politicians support the PM, failing to support him will only mean a victory for the EU and the death of democracy in the UK.

Keith Field,