A SOUTHAMPTON teenager who claimed he “couldn’t remember” attacking a man a day before his birthday has appeared in court.

Caine Woodruff, 19, of Orchard Lane, pleaded guilty Basingstoke Magistrates Court on August 29 to one count of assault by beating.

The court heard how on May 20 the 19-year-old approached Phillip Allen who was walking home from Basingstoke Railway Station, before “punching his victim in the side of the face”.

The magistrates heard how Woodruff then continued to hit his victim a further three times before another person said to “cut it out” and told the victim to “give him your food”.

In a victim impact statement read to the court it read: “The whole experience left me completely shaken up.

“I have always felt safe in my neighbourhood, but now I am worried that these people will see me around the area again and attack me again.”

The court heard that the defendant had been out drinking as it was the day before his birthday and that he “could not remember” the incident taking place.

When questioned by police he said “he didn’t remember it happening.”

In passing a verdict the magistrates issued Woodruff with a community order to do 80 hours unpaid work and ordered him to pay £75 compensation and £85 victim surcharge.