I would like to say how I enjoyed reading Janet Joyce's letter 'Rant at city council' on Tuesday 27th August.

It was funny in places but Janet explored some serious issues, which Southampton City Council should take note of and show some action. On the subject of affordable housing, NFDC also need to take note, as I'm sure we are not the only ones in this situation but my son and his family can no longer afford their rent which will soon be £930 and are moving back in with us! They are on the right to buy scheme but goodness knows how much they will need for a deposit by the time they have saved up?

This has come about after I read an article in the echo last week, which stipulated that to buy a house now, you need 7.5 x your salary, how are these young families ever going to get on the housing ladder?

I also agree with Kate Halford's letter on the same day. A lido and an ice rink would be perfect, what else are the young of today got available to them?

I spent many happy days at both, especially the ice rink! I drove past the now closed down Jaguar garage on the corner by the Stag gates yesterday and found I was thinking about an ice rink, as the Top Rank was only down on the corner.

What about the site on Mayflower Park that desperately needs a serious overhaul, we used to go be taken there as well, I was amazed at the giant slide! That would be easily accessed by people in Hythe from the ferry as well, even the IOW!

Come on SCC, think how much money you would rake in!

Name & address supplied please