THE Daily Echo takes another look back through time with the help of local photographers’ pictures.

One image shows an IBM computer at Jackson and Sons. The collective power of the computers NASA used to land men on the moon a few months prior were more than a million times less powerful than a standard smartphone these days.

Other photographs include functions for teachers and accountants as well as Beating the Bounds.

While the events in these pics were being snapped, this is what was taking place further afield:

September 11

According to a report from housing charity Shelter, up to three million people were in need of rehousing due to poor living conditions.

September 21

Squatters of the London Street Commune were evicted from 144 Piccadilly, London, by police.

The group were a hippy movement formed during the 1960s to highlight concerns about rising levels of homelessness.

September 26

The Beatles released their eleventh studio album Abbey Road.

Although it was the penultimate album to be released, it was the last the band recorded together.