TEST VALLEY Borough Council are searching for the culprit of a fly-tip.

The fly-tipping occurred at the end of August and the dumped items consists of mainly building waste.

It was dumped on Misslebrook Lane, Chilworth and is on private land.

Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) will not be clearing it up since it is on private land, however, the owner of the land is aware and will be organising a clear up.

The dumping is right next to a road and there are more items dumped along the road.

The council will be investigating the incident and will try to find the person behind the dumping.

Deputy leader of TVBC, Councillor Nick Adams-King, said: "It is absolutely disgusting people do this.

"We will make sure it will be go through it with a fine tooth comb, if we are able to find anything about who dumped it we will make sure we prosecute them."

He added: "It is dangerous and anti-social, and by the looks of it the vast majority could have easily been disposed of."

The council offer a fine of around £500 for fly-tipping to act as a deterrent.

Cllr Adams-King said the council have managed to prosecute a fly-tipper every couple of weeks and have been able to name and shame culprits.

Chairman of Chilworth Parish Council, Chris Patey, said: "The Chilworth Parish Council is greatly saddened by the fly tipping which has blighted our local countryside.

"Test Valley Borough Council has taken a very tough approach to flytipping and has secured a number of high-profile convictions recently.

"They are determined to continue its vigorous pursuit of those who think they can despoil the area in this way and we as a Parish council support this action."

A TVBC spokesman told the Daily Echo the following: "Fly-tipping is a selfish crime that we do not tolerate.

Though this particular fly-tip is on private land, the council investigates every single case reported to us.

If we find sufficient evidence then we will seek to prosecute those responsible.

“We will not stand for this deplorable act. We would encourage anyone who has information about this to speak to us in complete confidence on 01794 527700.”