THE Daily Echo takes another glimpse back at life 40 years ago - to September 1979.

World-famous body builder and Darth Vader actor David Prowse paid a visit to VG Stores, Chandler’s Ford, in his role as the Green Cross Code Man to educate youngsters in road safety.

There was a jousting contest in Brockenhurst, tug-of-war at Old Netley Common Association fete and a big clean-up of Western Shore.

While the events snapped in these images were taking place, these happenings were unfolding nationally:

September 5

The Queen led the mourning at the funeral of Lord Mountbatten of 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Lord Mountbatten was killed by a bomb set by members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army on August 27.

September 8

Wolverhampton Wanderers set a new national record by paying just less than £1.5 million for Andy Gray from Aston Villa.

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