I LISTEN in despair as our political parties argue what is best for our nation.

Not one including myself has any idea what coming out of the EU without any deal will mean.

We can only surmise what will happen. For one, has this government over the last three years really looked at our trade options, where our markets are going to be?

Where we will purchase our food in an ever changing markets?

When we stopped trading with our old customers they did not hang around they went out and got new markets.

Many sceptics say we can grow most of our own produce.

The trouble is we can't grow enough and farmers can’t get the labour from our own workforce and have to rely on pickers coming over here from Europe to do the job.

Brussels is making it very hard for us to come to an agreement but can Europe afford not to trade with us, it needs us as much as we need them.

So it's time Brussels got off its high horse and came to a sensible conclusion that will suit all parties.

What has ruined us over the years is the growth of Brussels.

We no longer govern ourselves but have become pawns to a dictatorship of European politicians who are hell bent in having a totally united Europe whatever the cost.

Countries like Eire, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece are all struggling to pay their way.

They were all given huge sums of money to build and improve their infrastructure only to find out in a few years they did not have the funds to pay back the huge loans on top of what they had to pay to be a part of the club.

Many of these countries are now on the verge of bankruptcy as they try to pay their way.

Yet Brussels invites even more countries to join their elusive club even though many of them are extremely poor. Yet countries like us who are supposed to be rich have to find huge sums to support these new members.

The EU is a wonderful idea, and we do need to be a member but not at the cost of the bureaucrats who run Brussels.

Something will have to be done in this country if our national treasures are to survive in the future.

We have already severe difficulties in just trying to get an appointment at a doctors and having to wait months for an appointment at a hospital.

Our education system is at breaking point and will not survive much longer under the present climate.

Schools are expected to teach children from all over the world without the proper resources.

We have thousands on the housing lists around the country waiting to be housed just how much more can this country take without falling into the abyss of no return.

It's time Parliament got its act together and formed a government not just from the present party but from all of parties and form a government for the people and not the few.

A Semple