A HAMPSHIRE man has lost more than half his body weight and has changed his life “for the better”.

After visiting his GP in November 2016, George Middleton had to face up to the facts of his deteriorating health and he went home having made the decision to change his life for the better.

In two years and with a determined mind-set, George, 31, has lost half his body weight and is more active that he has ever been.

In November 2016, George weighed 200kg and his doctor told him that he could lose a foot due to the diabetes he had developed.

George said: “I was sat down by my doctor and they said do you like having two feet after I said yes she then told me that I was in danger of losing a foot if I didn’t do something about my weight. That was the wakeup call for me.

“In that meeting I’d found out I was a diabetic and that was a shock to the system for me. I had a series of other health problems too including high blood pressure and sleep apnoea.

The Netley Abbey local took positive steps to not only improve his physical health but his mental health which had also been impacted by his weight gain.

“I found that my mental health was also in decline with my physical health which led to my social circles being affected,” George said.

“I lost a lot of my friends because I gave up on them and they gave up on me. I was invited to things and would never go. I didn’t go to my sister’s or my best friend’s wedding.

“I saw a photo of myself posted online and I was so ashamed by my size that I couldn’t go to the stag do or weddings.”

He added: “I say to people don’t focus on your end goal. Focus on today and winning today. You can’t chase perfection but find what suits you. People want the pot noodle fix but that doesn’t exist. Even a walk will impact your fitness.

“What I really want to do is to become a personal trainer eventually. I want to help other people. It’s a dream of mine to find someone who was like me and get them fighting fit like I am now.”