Dear Sir,

I urge you, I implore you, I beg you, Southampton City Council, to immediately wipe out the extortionate cross fee for the Itchen fare.

It is blatantly evident to me without the need for a general consensus that every single driver that forces the daily monotonous grind twice a day, every day, know's only too well that the bridge paid for itself years ago now.

I undertook a journey last week to the land of Wales to purchase a vehicle, obviously spanning the Prince of Wales bridge for the crossing.

To my amazement and astonishment, that toll was completely abolished within the last year.

Think for a minute of the comparison between the two bridges in terms of volume of traffic (daily), low thousands compared to tens of thousands.

Oh do come on! SCC in what universe could you possibly justify the toll?

In closing I will leave you with this.

Yours sincerely in hope and faith.

Mr R Lambert, Shirley