A BIZARRE video of a UFO has been captured showing a beam of light "dancing" in Southampton's sky.

A Southampton man has captured footage of an unidentified object hovering over Harefield on August 25.

The 49-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been at a barbecue with friends when he saw a strange light "dancing" in the sky on West End Road.

He said: "[I saw a] type of mist which turned into what looked like a more solid object.

"It moved strangely, I had a BBQ with friends that night so I was a bit drunk, if I had not taken photos and the film I would have just passed it by.

"No one was with me when I saw this.

"The mist caught my eye as it was moving in all directions, I have seen the International Space Station many times and it was clear that this was something else.

"I am not saying little green men and spaceships, but when I down loaded the photos on my computer it was clear that this was something strange, as it morphed into this solid object."

It is still not know what the object in the sky was.

This is not the first time a UFO has been spotted in the county.

In 2015, Kenneth Parsons said he photographed an image of a disc-shaped phenomenon on the outskirts of Winchester.

The UFO enthusiast was convinced the mystery object proves the existence of other intelligent life in the universe.

The 60-year-old initially captured the mysterious image while taking photographs close to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

A similar light was seen in the sky in 2009, which were spotted by a resident in Hedge End.

The bright lights were shot from a house in Hedge End by a UFO enthusiast who wished to remain anonymous.

The first of the two videos by the mystery enthusiast shows a bright light floating high above the sky, which appears to flash brightly toward the camera.

The second of the videos, filmed only on Wednesday of this week, shows two objects flashing close by to each other before one disappears into the night sky.

And in 2008 Daily Echo readers captured "bizarre" images of what appear to be flying saucers zooming through our skies.

The UFOs were snapped over Beaulieu and Woolston by pure accident and only noticed days later by the photographers.