A BADLY-injured donkey was left lying in the road by a driver who failed to report the accident for about 15 hours.

Three-year-old Joelle is thought to have suffered a broken back in the collision, which occurred on the Hilltop to Ipers Bridge road in the New Forest.

A passer-by raised the alarm and Joelle was put out of her misery by one of the agisters.

Daily Echo:

She was owned by Dan Rangecroft, 20, of Marchwood, who has lost about ten animals in road accidents in the 20 years he has been a commoner.

Dan said Joelle was injured just before 7pm last Saturday but driver did not alert the authorities until mid-morning the next day.

He added: "The accident was reported - but not for about 15 hours. The motorist should have stayed at the scene and reported it at the time."

Writing on social media his mother Sarah added: "If another member of the public had not reported it, she could have been suffering all night."

Drivers have 24 hours to report an animal accident in the Forest - but campaigners say they should call the authorities immediately to prevent the creatures suffering.

Joelle was humanely destroyed by agister Mike Lovell, who lives nearby and was quickly on the scene.

Mr Lovell said: "The donkey was lying in the road, quite badly injured and unable to get up. The driver had left her to suffer."

Daily Echo:

Two photographs of Joelle lying dead have been posted on social media to help raise awareness of the issue.

One person commented: "Look at the tears from her eyes. She must have been in an awful lot of pain."

Another social media added: "I just can't believe that having hit an animal people drive off without even anonymously phoning it in so it can be saved or put down."