I have read the plans to transfer the old Toys R us site and to build more flats, office space, hotel and restaurants.

Whilst I feel that this is great and Southampton should transform into a more open culture and modern city. I do feel that there is too much emphasis on creating more city living space and more restaurants and office space.

I have been living in Southampton now for over 12 years and I find it a great city that has already seen a lot of transformation.

My personal view is that we do have enough restaurants in the city already and we should support those established restaurants , small businesses , retail and pubs around the city.

I think the one thing that Southampton doesn’t really have on offer at the moment is a proper entertainment space for families, especially the youth.

We have so many schools, colleges and great universities right here, but yet the city doesn’t have an award winning entertainment space for all.

I know we have the Westquay swimming complex and bowling alleys and cinemas, but one thing this city doesn’t have on offer is a great swimming complex.

Similar to Splash Down in Poole but with a larger open space swimming pool and plenty of flumes and perhaps an arcade place or a space where youth and families can come and relax.

There are so many options and ideas for this.

I feel that if the city had something great like this on offer and possibly even look at building something like this on the same Toys R Us site then this will create a great welcome atmosphere for the city and worldwide travellers passing through.

This would also be great as it’s opposite the rail station, so it would potentially be the first thing that catches the eye when coming in to the station Southampton).

It’s near all shops and other entertainment and with Southampton’s great cruise liners and importing and exporting harbours right here in one place, especially after just being named the UK’s top harbour for exports/imports.

So many times I have gone to parks or you just walk around town and I have heard so many people stating that they wish Southampton had a swimming and entertainment complex, especially given that it could be based indoors and outdoors and offer nearly all year round fun and entertainment for all ages. Don’t forget that this would also create many more jobs.

I think this would benefit the city more and push up revenue for business.

Imagine a family coming via the railway and then going to the complex like this for the day or a few hours.

I can almost guarantee you that once the family is done here for the day or after a few hours the temptation and possibility of then going over to the cinema or one of our many restaurants for a meal afterwards or even some bowling would be extremely high.

You would also have those shoppers nipping over the road and shopping at our many retailers on offer and again which would benefit all in the city as it will bring in more revenue for all.

I usually don’t write things like this and I am an advocate of transformation and I love to see when things change for the better and take shape. This is unfortunately the only way I can provide some ideas. I don’t have the capital to submit request like this myself or make investments myself as I have a normal career, but maybe if ideas like this can be taken forward and looked at then that would be great.

Rick Fourle