THE Liberal Democrat party has selected its parliamentary candidates for Southampton Test and Itchen.

The party reports to be ready to fight to stop Brexit when a general election is called.

Liz Jarvis has been selected for Southampton Itchen after joining the party when she became "disillusioned" with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party.

She has worked closely with the Southampton maritime industry for the past seven years and claims to be determined to fight for better mental health services and against NHS cuts.

Liz said: "I am passionate about Lib Dem policies on education, the environment, demanding better for our communities, and of course remaining in the EU."

Joe Richards, born and raised in Southampton, has been selected for Southampton Test.

Joe added: “Southampton is an open and diverse city, demonstrated by the over 50 per cent of my constituency that voted to remain. We must remain an open and tolerant nation, while protecting local businesses and jobs. Southampton is the UK’s third busiest port – millions of tonnes of cargo pass through each year supporting local people and livelihoods. The upcoming general election will be an opportunity for Southampton to say they want to stop Brexit, and not let Boris’ no-deal Brexit damage port cities like ours. The automotive industry themselves are citing the “existential threat” of no-deal at the staggering cost of £50,000 per minute, saying “this is not project fear”.

Local party Chair, Richard Blackman, said: “In an incredibly volatile time for local and national politics, I am delighted to introduce our passionate and experienced candidates for Southampton Test and Itchen. Together with Craig Fletcher, recently announced candidate for Romsey and Southampton North, they will fight Boris Johnson’s right-wing Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing Brexit. In the recent European elections across the city we beat both of these old parties. It is clear that the people of Southampton want to see real change in the city and the country and our recently announced policy of revoking Article 50 and to Stop Brexit is seeing many people join us from across the political spectrum. We invite you to join them in demanding better for our economy, our society and our environment.”