FUNDRAISERS believe pedal power will boost a £1.5 million bid to save a swimming club based at a Fareham school.

Hoping to raise money for Fareham Nomads Swimming Club to build their own pool, the team's Masters Coach Stewart Crowe is taking on a 55-mile bike ride from London to Brighton.

This comes as part of their fundraising campaign to place a new swimming pool in the grounds of West Hill Park School in Fareham, which they believe will secure the club's future for the next 50 years.

According to the club, the pool will provide more swimming lessons, more places available in swimming competition teams, swimming fitness sessions, volunteering opportunities, better access for school swimming lessons, training facility for more lifeguards, and community access.

And now the swimming coach will be swapping his swimming hat for a cycle helmet after "fear for the future of the club" and has already raised at least £2,800 ahead of the challenge.

Stuart said: "As I come to the end of my coaching career with the club, I am embarking upon one of my most ambitious challenges – to complete the 2019 London to Brighton Bike Ride. The last time I did any serious cycling was when I was a teenager – so not an easy challenge now that I am the wrong side of 70.

"By having our own pool, it will allow our club to expand and ensure that the future of the club is secure. There are currently waiting lists for all areas of the club. There are children and young adults that would like to join but because of a limitation on the number of pool hours that the club can access it is unable to accommodate them. Building a pool would allow the club to expand, offer services to more children and young adults, and also secure the future of the club."

He is also hoping to raise awareness of Fight Bladder Cancer charity after being diagnosed with bladder cancer in July earlier this year, and his final and sixth treatment for the cancer will take place after the cycle ride.

The ride takes place on Sunday September 15.

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