SOUTHAMPTON'S biggest and best free music festival is back.

Music in the City launches into its second decade with a celebration of the fantastic diversity of musical talent from across the city and beyond.

The pop up festival bringing live music to a variety of weird and wonderful venues around Southampton takes place on Saturday September 28.

Now in its 11th year, Music in the City has been visited by 100,000 people in its history, including a total of 30,000 visits last year alone.

Daily Echo:

This year, the event boasts 170 performances at 22 venues with well over 1000 musicians playing throughout the day.

Southampton will come alive with the sounds of over 100 hours of free live music from all genres.

Expect everything from from rock to jazz, classical to Americana and folk to blues in some of the city's best settings, including a host of fascinating locations like God's House Tower, an incredible 700-year-old building currently nearing the completion of a seven year £3.1 million refurbishment project, Holy Rood Church from around the same era and some of the city's historic wine vaults.

Daily Echo:

There will be stages by the walls at Westquay and in Guildhall Square, while music will emanate from a host of bars, restaurants and venues across the city centre.

Organiser James Baillie told the Daily Echo the event will be bigger and better than ever before.

He added: "We're thrilled to include these incredible historic venues in our listings because that is what Music in the City has always been about, wonderful live music in unusual places."

All venues are free to enter and festival goers can use free heritage buses to transport them between venues.

Daily Echo:

On Sunday, September 29, three concerts will take place at the city's Art Gallery. City of Southampton Orchestra appear at 2pm, followed by a Flautissimo concert from 3.15pm and Southampton Choral Society at 4pm.

Former mayor Linda Norris, the festival founder who organised the event from 2009 to 2018, has been named Music in the City's honorary life president.

Daily Echo:

Full listings for Saturday are:


Above Bar Street

1pm Roger Chantler

1.40pm Rooster Tooth

2.20pm G-Floyd-D

3pm Saxofony

3.40pm Newport Session Band

4.40pm Dan O'Farrell

5.20pm Tone n Gaz Duo

6pm Coastel

6.40pm Lottie J


Town Quay Road

1pm The Chateau Bateau Band

2pm Smokey Oak

2.40pm Adam Not Andy

3.20pm Twangdillo

4pm Neil Maddock

4.40pm Lee Desty

5.20pm Wire-JD

6pm TheRealRaj


Bernard Street

12pm Blue Sky Choir

1.40pm Shanty Hounds

2.20pm SOS Entertainers

3pm Southampton Folk Orchestra

3.40pm Southampton Sing For Life Choir

4.20pm Ocean Harmony

5pm Sing Out Children's Community Choir

5.40pm Fiddler on the Hoof


Civic Centre Road

12pm Sarah Skeet, Calvin Glen, Isla Croll

1pm Tallulah Tilt, Max Elmore

2pm Sophie Breakell, Lauren Hepburn

3pm Isla Rose, Ian Booker, Nathan Cannon


Town Quay

1pm The Orders

2pm Goldwyre

3pm Ash Ellis

3.40pm The Flying Alexanders

4.40pm Sombrero Fallout

5.40pm Armchair Athletes

6.20pm Neko Roshi


Upper Bugle Street

12.30pm Coastel

1pm Frankie Knight

1.50pm Central Hall Community Gospel Choir

2.40pm The Elderleys

3.20pm Justin Capps and the Cavaliers

4.10pm The Sholing Juniors Ukelele Group

5pm 10 Bobnotes

5.40pm The McConnells

6.20pm Nick Tann and Band

Daily Echo:


High Street

12pm The Beehive

1pm Dan O'Farrell

2pm Beth Williams

3pm Pegasuses

4pm Wren

5pm The Uncollected


Terminus Terrace

1pm Lounge Room Lizards

2pm G&D

3pm ImproJazz

4pm Jam on Toast

4.40pm Anjelica Season

5.20pm Saxofony


Western Esplanade

12pm Ron May

1pm CoMA South

1.50pm Sinking Brass Band

2.40pm The Celtic Knot Band

3.20pm Calvin Glen

4pm Nick Haynes

5.20pm Nathan Cannon

6pm Straight to Cake

6.45pm Goldrush Harmony

with the ENDURANCE Fairground Organ


Guildhall Place

12.30pm Brian Hooper

1pm Emotive Concept

1.40pm Steam Shed (acoustic)

2.20pm Nick Tudgey

3pm Wire-JD

3.40pm Lee Desty

4.20pm Chris Simmonds

5pm The Outsiders

5.40pm Denielle Pimlott

6.10pm The Flukes


Nelson Gate

1pm Inferior Complex

2pm No Prisoners

3pm Riot Club

4pm The Zone



12pm Batala

Daily Echo:

12.30pm Dirty Brass Hooks

1.30pm Singsational Voices

2.15pm Dan O'Farrell & The Difference Engine

3.15pm Bollywood dancers

4pm The Soulcatchers

5pm Southampton Ukelele Jam

Daily Echo:

6pm Blue Dog

7pm Vamos Cantar

7.45pm PS Perrystone Hill

8.45pm Galaxy Thief


High Street

1.20pm Tony Arthur

2pm Joie de Vivre

2.40pm Coastel

3.20pm Emotive Concept

4pm Sarah Saville

4.50pm Stratton.devonshire

5.30pm Soft Steel


12pm St Andrews Pipe Band

Daily Echo:

12.40pm Sing Now Choir

1.20pm St Andrews Pipe Band

2pm Sounds Lively

2.40pm Showcase Music School

4.40pm Ocean Brass Band

5.20pm Southampton University Brass Band


High Street

12pm Groove Bakers

1pm Kinesis 4

2pm Pot Kettle Black

3pm These Septic Stars

4pm Zen Juddhism

5pm The Slack 5

6pm Wooden Spoons

7pm The Trenchtown Stetsons


Vernon Walk

1pm Ekowe

2pm The Crow Flies

3pm The UnXpected

4pm McGriff

5pm Steam Shed

6pm Ooberfuse ft. Hibari


Lower Bannister Street

12.30PM Ethereal

1.10pm When Harri Met Alli

1.50pm LJ's Etlins

2.30pm Frontline Ukelele

3.10pm KingBidder

3.50pm Grace Bland

4.30pm Ian Booker

5.10pm Twangdillo

5.50pm The Bobcats


Town Quay

1pm Jonathan Klein

1.40pm The Flukes

2.40pm Timothy Beckett

3.20pm Armchair Athletes

4pm Fragile Lucy

4.40pm Calvin Glen

5.20pm Ryan Greaves

6pm Pianoman Justie



12pm Richard Taunton's Musicians

2pm One Word

3pm Phineas Gage

4pm We Know John


High Street

1pm Sidelines

2pm The Fix

3pm The Slack 5

4pm Not Guilty

5pm The Moonlighters

6pm Myriad

7pm Plaitford Common


12pm Sound Pop Academy

12.30pm Mirage

Daily Echo:

1.20pm Steve Osman

2.10pm Uke Box Glory

2.40pm Rogue Witness

3.45pm Galaxy Thief

4.40pm Simply Singers

5.20pm Ken Wood & The Mixers

6.20pm Ben Goddard

7.20pm Queenie Soul