AN ENVIRONMENTAL group took part in a protest today at a Southampton cruise agency headquarters.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) held a protest at Carnival HQ today urging them to "become a company that worldwide respects the environment".

More than 50 people demanded the cruise agency commits to fit all vessels for shore-side electricity as an alternative to liquefied natural gas which is usually fracked.

Carnival, whose subsidiaries include P&O Cruises and Cunard, has been in the press due to dumping fuel and food waste along with thousands of gallons of sewage into the ocean.

The event took place today at 7am.

The protest will then had music, singing and speeches until 10:30am.

Then at 10:30am they will share a loud drum beating during a funeral march to Guildhall Square, where they will join the Global Strike at 11am until 4pm.

The global strike at Guildhall Square will be full of stalls, marching, speeches and shouting as they protest for climate change.

More than 100 people are expected at the global strike, with MP Alan Whitehead expected to speak.

It is also an international movement, with climate strikes in India, Romania, Canada and more.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Southampton said: "Our demands are simple. Our leaders must tell the truth, act now, and to go beyond the politics that have failed us. Southampton council have acknowledged the truth, but far more action is required right away.

"It's way too late to entirely prevent climate change and mass extinction, but we still have a chance to slow them down until we find real solutions. This is why we're supporting the international climate strike.

"Some of our members will be involved in an action at Carnival cruises.

"Carnival have a history of polluting the oceans, and their engines pollute our city air. Maybe we can convince them to turn off their engines while in our city, and use electricity from the port instead."