POLICE were called to a stand-off over the right-of-way on a Southampton road between two motorists.

Officers were called to Woodmill Bridge in Bitterne Park yesterday afternoon after cars became stuck as too many tried to cross the river and one car hit another.

Two motorists began arguing following a small collision and queues in the area started to build.

The police were called to defuse the situation just after 3pm.

Now, residents are calling on something to be done about signage around the bridge.

Sue Pope, a resident of Oliver Road said that this isn't the first time motorists have argued about their right of way on the bridge and blames the lack of signage for it.

Sue was in the garden painting when she heard the commotion and said that the language used between both car drivers was "appalling".

She said: "One too many cars had come across the bridge and I though there had been a fight over it going by the language used and the volume of one man's voice.

"For years we have been asking the council to put up correct signage.

"There is so much anger in the world at the moment and I am worried that one day someone will get hurt over something that can be easily corrected.

"There is no proper signage for people to explain only three cars can cross at a time and there is often traffic caught up on both sides.

"It wouldn't cost a great deal.

"I am not a nervous person but even I avoid the bridge at busy times."

She added that longer vehicles such as lorries often become stuck as they cannot pass over the bridge and police are called to help remove them.

Another resident George Cooper said: "People in cars need to learn how to use the bridge properly and it would work fine.

"Three go in then wait then three from the other side go through, it works perfectly, but there's always one who tries to squeeze in as well and blocks it all up and causes chaos.

"We're all sick of it and we need something done."