Ralph Hasenhuttl was an inspired choice as a manager.

I am sure he will go on to achieve great things in the game, hopefully with Saints.

In the grand scheme of things losing to Bournemouth is hopefully an aberration, but the reasons for the defeat need to be accepted.

Those reasons were primarily down to the defence, although we clearly still had enough chances in the second half to win.

The defence was Ralph’s creation and it was a pigs ear.

Playing players out of position is sometimes necessary, sometimes unavoidable but selecting them so when there is simply no logic angers the fans and creates problems where they need not exist.

We have two very good full backs: Cedric and Bertrand. I have no idea what Danso’s best position is, but it is definitely not full back.

Equally Cedric on the left is ridiculous because it stifles crosses and encourages defensive difficulties.

I am perplexed why Bertrand didn’t play: maybe managers are so wedded to their signings they have to play them regardless.

But our defence is shaky enough without playing people out of position and ignoring someone who is still one of the best left backs in the premier league.

So Ralph, take some responsibility and acknowledge that your initial selection lost us this game.

The fans will appreciate this much more than trying to cover it up.

Moreover whatever it is that makes you leave Bertrand out, get over it: we need him.

Bob Barton

Chandlers Ford