A POLICE horse was "punched in the nose" by a football fan during a clash between Saints and Pompey supporters last night.

A video on social media appears to show a man punching a horse in the face and trying to out run it after the match at Fratton Park, which Southampton won 4-0.

The man is pursued by the mounted officer and is detained after he runs into other police on the street.

Last night, Hampshire Police launched heir largest-ever football-related operation in the county, however, fans were still involved in heated exchanges.

Police officers enforced a wall to keep fans apart but this did not prevent scenes of disorder, with coins, bottles and smoke grenades in the colours of both teams thrown, as well as pockets of abuse and violence.

Police say five people have been arrested in relation to last night's match, including one on suspicion of animal cruelty and attempting to cause criminal damage.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said the horse, named Luna, was unharmed in the incident and remained on duty that night.