I was amazed and bemused when I saw the new City Red bus timetables appear at bus stops in Calmore and even more so when reading of the new bus service in the Saturday Echo.

First of all, who decided that the residents of Calmore and Totton required another bus service from Calmore to Southampton when Bluestar have been giving residents an excellent service from as far back as the 1970’s?

What residents have been asking for and need is a bus service that will run from Calmore to the Southampton University Hospital/Princess Anne Hospital via Shirley High Street.

The bus companies may say that these hospitals can be reached by the present buses by alighting at the last stop in Waterloo Road or the train station.

Yes, if you are young/old and fit, but many of the residents who require the services of these hospitals are not, and have you tried crossing the road at the Southampton train station crossing to the bus stops on the other side of the road....cars, buses etc., converge from three points.

I trust that the residents request will be taken on board (excuse the pun) and a bus service put in place that they have asked for.

Dianne Gollin