A SOUTHAMPTON care home supporting people with learning disability or autism has been told it “requires improvement” in its latest inspection report.

The Integra Care Management care home on Winchester Road was told it required improvement in its most recent CQC report, publish earlier this month.

The home, which provides accommodation and personal care to people with a learning disability or autism, was told it required improvements in three out of five categories.

Inspectors looked for evidence that people were protected from abuse and avoidable harm.

During this inspection, the category “Safe” was rated as requires improvement as some aspects were "not always safe" and there was an "increased risk" that someone could be harmed.

The report stated: "There was visible dirt on the floor of a cupboard used for storing dry foods, on a sink in the laundry room, and on a hand basin and bath in a shared bathroom.

"A person's personal toiletries, including their toothbrush were kept in the same shared bathroom.

"Staff had repeatedly recorded the temperature of the kitchen fridge above safe levels, but this had not been investigated or actioned."

When observed for how “Well-led” the care home was, inspectors look for evidence that service leadership, management and governance were to a “high-quality”.

“Well-led” was rated as requires improvement as management and leadership was “inconsistent”.

The report said: "During our inspection we discovered missing records and documentation, and poor standards of cleanliness.

"These had not been picked up by the provider's processes which meant prompt action had not been taken to make improvements and reduce the risk to people of receiving unsafe care."

The care home was also told that it required improvement in the category "Effective".

This meant that the effectiveness of people's care, treatment and support did not always achieve good outcomes or was inconsistent.

The report said that the home was not maintained to a standard that was within "best practice" for people with learning disabilities.

It also said: "Small shower units with curtains were installed in some bedrooms, which had led to water damage to the flooring and caused unpleasant odours.

"Radiators in people's rooms were boxed in which meant there was no means of controlling the temperature to people's own preferences.

"The provider did not always succeed in maintaining a home-like appearance to people's rooms.

"In some cases this reflected people's preferences or was partly determined by how their behaviours were managed."

The two other categories inspected by CQC - “Caring” and “Responsive” - were rated ‘good’.

A spokesperson for Integra Care said: “We are already working to respond to this report, and we will work with the Local Authority, CQC and most importantly the people we support and their families to deliver these improvements.

"We are pleased to note that CQC recognised that there are positive, caring relationships between staff and the people they support, and that our staff promote and respect people's dignity, privacy and independence, giving them opportunities to take part in decisions about their care.”