TWO brothers left a man needing more than a dozen stitches after a “revenge” attack involving a golf club.

Zacheu and Timotei Rudareasa attacked their victim in the street hours after becoming enraged at an earlier incident at one of their homes in Southampton.

One of the brothers, Zacheu, punched the victim in the face, sending him to the floor, where the group of four men, including Timotei, delivered a volley of punches and kicks.

During the attack, one of the two other men, both who have since fled the country, used a golf club to strike the man in the head.

He was left with four open wounds to his head and needing 20 stitches.

Appearing at Southampton Crown Court, the two brothers were jailed for a total of five years.

Prosecutor Tim Moores told the court how the attack took place in High Road, Swaythling, on the evening of Saturday, March 16.

He said the attack was an act of “revenge” for an earlier incident Timotei’s home, in which their victim was alleged to have been seen carrying a knife.

Mr Moores said the incident was witnessed by one resident, who saw the four men get out of a Range Rover after Zacheu punched the victim.

One of the men then struck their victim four times in the head with a golf club.

Mitigating for Zacheu, Andrew Stone said the 32-year-old’s intention was not violence and wanted “very much to talk” to his victim.

Mitigating for Timotei, Mark Florida-James said the 33-year-old had set up a “successful” construction firm since moving from Romania and hoped to rebuild the company on his release.

Zachea, of Ashwood Gardens, Southampton, was found guilty at trial of wounding without intent and was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Timotei, of Oakley Road, Southampton, was found guilty at trial of the same charge and was also sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The court heard the pair both face deportation as a result of the length of their sentence.