THE birth of a "long-awaited" baby boy has made a couples "dream come true" and marked a milestone at a local fertility centre.

Carly and Paul Cutler from Fareham welcomed their baby boy Bertie into the world on January 14.

As well as being an emotional arrival for the couple, who used IVF treatment to conceive, Bertie was the 4,000th baby born through treatment at Wessex Fertility.

Carly and Paul had been trying for a baby for two years when they decided it was time to seek help.

Daily Echo:

The couple first visited their GP but soon found out they could get the fertility tests done straight away privately without a referral.

Carly and Paul spoke to Wessex Fertility who recommended IVF treatment with the possibility of the addition of ICSI on the day of treatment.

Paul already had a son, Stanley, and so the couple knew they would not receive any funding for the treatment.

Carly begun her medication and prepared for the day of egg collection.

On the day of egg collection, Carly had 29 eggs collected.

Of Carly’s 29 eggs, 12 fertilised, and four went on to form good quality embryos.

Daily Echo:

Carly suffered from OHSS, which occurs when the ovaries overreact to fertility medication, and so the couple’s embryos were frozen while Carly’s recovery was monitored.

Following the embryo transfer, the couple had the two week wait before taking a pregnancy test.

“We saw each stage as a hurdle, and just took it one step at a time so I didn’t get my hopes up too much.

"Sadly our dog died two days after the transfer, so it was a really emotional time and I couldn’t think about the wait too much, I was also so nervous about taking the test so tried to block it out," said Carly.

Daily Echo:

Carly took the pregnancy test, and finally got the news the couple had been hoping for.

Carly was monitored throughout her pregnancy and discovered she was expecting quite a big baby.

Carly was induced but after three days in hospital she had a C-section.

On January 14, the couple welcomed their gorgeous baby boy, Bertie, weighing 9lb, 5oz.

“I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I would feel, I cried for about a week!

"Even now I can’t believe I’m a Mum.

"To find out Bertie was Wessex Fertility’s 4000th baby was also really special, 4000 babies is amazing.

“Wessex Fertility are amazing, I’ll never be able to thank them enough, they have made all my dreams come true.

"They really listened to us, we felt like individuals and not just another number which was a really nice change”.