NURSLING Church of England Primary School is nestled in the small village of Nursling and is described like a "family".

With just 183 pupils, spread across seven classes, the family friendly atmosphere does not go unnoticed with all children known by name and a strong sense of community.

The school in Nursling Street also has a pet bearded dragon for children to learn about, as well as access to iPads.

Every child also respects and goes by the values of love, hope and courage, which is taught to everyone who walks through the door.

A new leadership was created to bring "rapid change" following an Ofsted report in 2017 which graded the school as 'requires improvement'.

Deputy Headteacher, Amber Cole said: "It is a lovely, small school with a real family feel.

"We know all the children's families and they all work together to achieve the three values of love, hope and courage."

Over the summer, a new facility called the 'cozy cabin' was installed for children during lessons and break time.

She added: "We had the cozy cabin put in, it was donated by a local business and we are using it as a nurture and a literacy shed.

"All the children will benefit from it during play time and lunchtime, we will also have one-to-ones in it."