There has been much correspondence recently on the proposed improvements to the interchange between the M3 and the A34 at Winnall.

Many have argued persuasively against the proposal on environmental grounds.

Winchester City Council itself has prevaricated and avoided coming down on either side of the argument, once again demonstrating the indecision that is a hallmark of the new Lib Dem administration.

These siren calls from the Extinction Rebellion backed green lobby and the fence sitting by the council are both to be regretted.

Anyone who has sat in the increasing queues on the M3 or the A34 or indeed on the approaches from the east through the Upper Meon Valley ward will realise that the current situation is not sustainable.

The cost of the lost opportunities and the resultant pollution are both self-evident.

Locally this is a major issue.

It is also an issue nationally. Junction 9 is the main interchange for goods flowing from Southampton both towards London and the Midlands and the North.

Likewise it is crucial for goods flowing the other way, to support the regional economy and for export. It is currently a bottleneck whose continuance will only damage and restrain growth in our area.

So lets embrace this much needed improvement and cease the opposition.

With government funds limited, it would be a tragedy if the opposition to it led to the investment being made in a different part of the country. yours faithfully

Hugh Lumby

Upper Meon Valley ward

Winchester City Council