A 36-YEAR-old Southampton woman was found hanging after an argument with her boyfriend.

Elizabeth da Costa had a "four-to-five year history" of mental health problems before her death, an inquest heard.

She was found by her boyfriend Steven Crompton at his flat on February 27. The address of the flat was not given at the inquest.

Elizabeth was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on March 7.

Steven, who described Elizabeth as "an amazing person", told how his partner had often threatened suicide.

He said:"In more recent times she would often threaten suicide after an argument or after a bad day at work. On the night, we'd had the row and I'd left in my car to give us some space. "I messaged her telling her to leave my property. But I eventually stopped getting replies.

"I don't think she tried to kill herself – I'd always been there to rescue her, and I think she was just trying to scare me."

He also explained how their 12-year relationship had been "on and off" since 2015.

Steven said: "We had been discussing getting engaged. I'd planned to do it on holiday, but there was an incident where she'd supposedly been talking to other men on her phone, and we didn't come home engaged.

"There was a cycle where we would be seeing each other on and off, she would move back in with me, and then move back out after we had arguments.

"I don't think that helped her mental health at all."

Elizabeth, of John Thornycroft Road, Woolston, had originally been prescribed antidepressants by her doctor, but when the prescription ended, she turned to buying the pills online, which led to her becoming "dependent on them".

Her mother, Fatima da Costa, said: "The pills destroyed her brain. She was a clever and beautiful girl."

Acting area coroner Samantha Marsh recorded death by suicide.