A CHARITY is offering a free food service across Southampton in aid of Langar Week.

Langar Week, which runs between October 7 and 11, will provide free meals for all across the city.

Southampton Sikh Seva will be offering free meals in various locations of the city, including Above Bar Church, Bargate and Shirley.

Langar translates as communal kitchen and refers to the free food service available in every single Gurdwara Sikh temple across the world.

Jindy Singh, the founder of Southampton Sikh Seva, said: "This is the 5th year of doing this event, when the organisation started with these projects it was going to be a one off.

"But the support of the community and locals are going strength to strength and we have the support to keep going.

"With all the people volunteering we are able to serve the community."

Jindy Singh works at the University of Southampton and he said the university have supported the cause and donated boots and clothing.

The 33-year-old added: "A couple of families have approached us this year to volunteer, we usually have individuals, it's good to see whole families wanting to help.

"I want to encourage more and more people to get involved and help more and more people."

Langar is always vegetarian to make it all-inclusive and is traditionally eaten sitting on the floor.

The full list of the dates and locations are;

  • Monday, October 7 at Above Bar Church, Southampton
  • Tuesday, October 8 at Bargate, Southampton
  • Wednesday, October 8 at London Road, Southampton
  • Thursday, October 10 at Shirley High Street, Southampton
  • Friday, October 11 at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Southampton

They all take place between 6pm and 7:30pm, and all food is available to anyone.