CLIMATE change protesters from across the south took part in mass protests across London today.

More than 200 people have been arrested in the capital at the start of a two-week international protest by environmental campaigners.

Extinction Rebellion activists blockaded key sites in central London as well as staging demonstrations outside government departments.

More than 70 Extinction Rebellion groups across the south east say they "took control" of Whitehall - one of 12 London sites targeted by the campaigners.

Extinction Rebellion Winchester joined with groups from Romsey, Southampton and other parts of Hampshire.

One Extinction Rebellion member said: "The site in Whitehall has been named ‘Beyond Politics’.

"The climate and ecological emergency will affect everyone regardless of their politics. Any short-term disruption is nothing compared to the disasters the Earth is facing if we don’t act now. The time for denial and the hope of a magic solution is over.

‘We are calling on others to come to London.

"If you do one thing in your life do this now - not later, NOW. Contact Winchester Extinction Rebellion and join Alfred’s Rebels."

Campaigners say they are staging an international rebellion comprising two weeks of non-violent direct action in England and more than 90 other countries across the globe.

They want governments to take emergency action on climate change and other environmental issues.