Like Ingrid Peckham, ( letters 20th Sept) ) I answered the call for older people to support the youth climate strike, and joined them in Guildhall Square that Friday.

The age difference between me and the young man holding our banner was 50 years. Two generations.

The inscription on the coffin in front of the Guildhall said ‘My Future’.

I felt for him. I thought: How can I stand by and say “ I’m all right, I don’t care”.

Unless we act now, within the next two generations extreme weather events, much worse even than those experienced recently, will ravage the planet, making many countries uninhabitable, and numerous species essential for the survival of animal life - including humans - will be extinct.

Who would want to bring children into that world? It really is as bad as that.

As Southampton doctor and Extinction Rebellion activist Christelle Blunden ( Echo 30th Sept) said, we must achieve net zero carbon by 2025 to ensure this nightmare doesn’t happen, and she would prefer not to have to cause disruption.

Everything else has been tried, but governments and big multinationals aren’t doing anywhere near enough and it isn’t going to be enough for us as individuals to all do our bit.

This is the biggest emergency imaginable and so there’s no other way.

There are people of all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds in Extinction Rebellion, many of whom have never protested before.

I’m just playing a small part, handing out leaflets and giving information. I so admire those who risk getting arrested and suffer discomfort as Christelle does.

All Extinction Rebellion’s actions are born out of love for those you love - those you’ll leave behind. So please accept a leaflet if it’s offered, believe the science , don’t listen to the deniers, and support Extinction Rebellion.

Sue Robson

Netley Abbey