MORE THAN 50 people came out this weekend to clean up the canal in Romsey - where they found used needles and dumped metal.

Romsey Town had a clean up where 54 volunteers joined the Romsey and District Society's Autumn Stream Clean and Litter Pick-up.

Katie Betteridge also organised the Canal Clean Up on Facebook and encouraged fellow cleaners to litter pick and cut some of the brambles surrounding the canal.

The canal is located on the Romsey Canal path which goes through Romsey.

Katie said: "It went really well - it was such a great turn out.

"The group separated to different parts of the town and canal, the weather was horrible but we all got our wellies on and got into it.

"My son was the only child but more than 50 people were there."

Katie could not believe the things she found, which included used needles.

She said: "I found a needle which has obviously been used, I couldn't believe it, I didn't think that sort of thing was in Romsey.

"We also found big bits of metal and dumped waste."

Katie is also planning on doing the event more often, Councillor Mark Cooper is set to get involved again for the next one.

The 33-year-old from Romsey added: "People are going to be assigned to different places and the equipment will be there ready - rather than meeting at Crossfield Hall.

"At the moment, the next event is set to take place on April 4 2020 - I think it should be done more than a few times a year."

The event was co-ordinated by Romsey and District Society Chairman, Mark Cooper. "The event was well attended and teams of residents set off in all directions from Romsey's Crosfield Hall to put a sparkle back into the town.

"We were joined by two additional teams, one which focussed on the Holbrook stream alongside Middlebridge Street, while an additional team concentrated on the Barge Canal and its paths. The Tadburn Stream and its banks were also cleared.

"Romsey's MP, Caroline Nokes, led one of the teams in the town centre.

He added: "We haven't done a full count as yet but I estimate we collected about half a tonne. The Romsey and District Society runs two of these events each year."