A FAMILY who launched a charity appeal after losing their five-month-old daughter have reached their dreams to raise £100K in her memory.

The Lahna Appeal was put into place after Natasha and Lance Beatty suddenly lost their child Lahna Tula to a viral condition that led to heart failure in 2009.

After tirelessly campaigning for the last ten years, they are now "excited" to have raised £100K to create a legacy for their daughter.

The charity appeal is part of Southampton Hospital Charity to fund pioneering and routine equipment for Southampton Children’s Hospital.

Natasha says: “Lahna would have been ten years old now and we’re so excited that this year we’ve raised £100,000 in her memory.

"We are extremely proud of everything we’ve accomplished as a family, and want to thank our friends and the community for their continued support. We could not have done it without you.”

The appeal has bought vital equipment for the charity, including an underwater heart monitor and heart ultrasound scanners.

It also funded an £8,000 scanner which allowed clinicians to perform vital eye and brain tests on young patients at their bedside.

Beth Hall, Head of Public Fundraising at Southampton Hospital Charity, said: "We want to thank both Natasha and Lance for all of their hard work, plus the dedication of their friends and family who have rallied around them during this difficult time.

"Just some of the vital equipment that Lahna’s legacy has enabled the hospital to purchase include, one of only two paediatric heart probes in the country, an underwater heart monitor, they part-funded two portable heart ultrasound scanners as well as their efforts also securing otoscopes to examine the ears of children in the emergency department, birthing and postnatal monitoring equipment, and a device to perform vital eye and brain tests on young patients at the bedside, plus much more.

She added: "You have helped to make our hospital world-class in the care provided to our patients. Thank you.”