KINDNESS is the number one priority for both pupils and staff at this large, modernised school in Eastleigh.

For parents who value the importance of having care, trust and respect, Francis C of E Primary School is the perfect place to bring their children.

It sits in the quiet end of Valley Park, next to St Francis Church, enabling pupils to form a close-knit relationship with these deeply-embedded core Christian values the school has held since the day it opened.

Having opened in September 1991, the school began with just 43 pupils including two year groups.

Now, the school has built its existence into the Eastleigh community and expanded to 437 pupils, holding 14 classes for pupils from Year R through to Year Six.

The educational building has become so popular that many children remain on a waiting list to be taught there.

Facilities include a revamped pond to encourage pupils to find animals and a builder's shed in the play area.

Pupils are also encouraged to talk about their worries by regularly writing messages to teachers and are assigned with a lead mentor to help them build on maths and English skills.

With the environment listed as one of their key priorities, a footpath has been built through the town in a bid for children to travel to school by walking or by riding a bike.

The school building occupies a large site, which is also next door to a doctor's surgery and shops.