Although I am in favour of Brexit, I am not against another referendum, but actually I do not think it will solve anything.

If the result is to remain, the leavers will, quite rightly, keep arguing.

I suspect the Tory party will split and join forces with the Brexit party and fight a general election in the future on a leave agenda. If they won they would then take us out of the EU.

Remainers should remember that over the last 40 years we have not had a mainstream political party that has argued to leave (I don’t call UKIP/Brexit party mainstream).

If they did win an election we would leave on much harder terms than currently proposed (probably a Canada style deal).

The only way to resolve this is to leave - if it proves to be a disaster the Remainers can say I told you so and the argument would end.

Of course if it is not a disaster (and I do not think it will be) then the Remainers would hate it and would probably find it hard to get support to rejoin - and this is the reason they are trying every trick in the book to stop us leaving in the first place.

Ignoring the result of a referendum will cause massive upset and I don’t think the Remainers quite get that even now.

Gerald Ingram