A SOUTHAMPTON man sparked an armed police response after he equipped himself with a meat-cleaver in order to confront his girlfriend's ex-partner.

Tony Othen took the "sharp" weapon and began walking towards his intended victim to "knock his teeth out" after an alleged burglary at his partner's home.

Othen was later stopped on Millbrook Road West by police, who threatened to use a Taser if he did not comply.

When police searched the 35-year-old's rucksack they found the meat-cleaver inside.

Appearing at Southampton Crown Court this week, Other was jailed for six months.

The court heard the incident took place on August 21, after an alleged burglary at his partner's home in which medication and a bicycle were supposedly taken.

Prosecutor Rebecca Fairbairn said Othen believed the burglary, which was reported to police, was carried out by his girlfriend's former partner.

She said Othen left the property with a meat-cleaver and began walking to the Jordan House homeless shelter to confront him.

Ms Fairbairn said: "Armed response officers were called and police found him near to the Territorial Army base.

"An officer armed with a Taser told him to stop and face the wall and pointed two red dots at him.

"When the officer repeated the request he turned around and faced the wall and he was arrested.

"He told officers to be careful when searching him as he had a sharp meat-cleaver in his rucksack."

Ms Fairbairn said Othen told police that he did not intend to use the weapon and that he had bought it in case his intended victim "wanted a sword fight".

In mitigation, Chris Gaiger told the court that Othen had "accepted what he did was wrong" and had been "very candid" with the police in interview.

He asked Judge Christopher Parker QC to consider imposing a suspended sentence on Othen, who pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a bladed article.

However, Judge Parker said he was unable to suspended the sentence.

He said: "I'm afraid it is simply not appropriate in this case.

"You took that weapon out with an expectation that violence would occur and you told police you intended to assault the person.

"As it happened there was no violence. Lucky for him, lucky for you."

Othen, of Chiltern Green, Southampton, was jailed for six months.