A SOUTHAMPTON MP has slammed the police for failing to do enough to combat moped crime after a recent spate of attacks.

According to Royston Smith the MP for Southampton and Itchen officers need to do more to catch and prosecute nuisance riders.

His comments come after cricket bat yielding youths on mopeds have been terrorising Southampton motorists.

Royston said: “Moped crime is an ongoing problem. There is no excuse for it and the kids know what they are doing. Anti-social behaviour is increasing but trying to catch these people is quite difficult. I would like the police to do something. People are collecting evidence and the police are not following it up.”

Councillor for Coxford, Barrie Margetts added: “It’s a terrible problem across the ward. The police have tried very hard to control it. We have been trying to reduce the risk of motorbikes to residents. I think the solution is addressing the underlying causes and putting preventative measures in place.”

In one incident riders pulled up to a car waiting at traffic lights smashing its windscreen and then driving off.

According to police, the driver was uninjured following the attack which took place at the junction of Bursledon and Orpen Road on Wednesday night.

In another incident at the junction of Bursledon and Botley Road, moped riders came up behind a driver throwing something at his car and leaving a white streak mark across its windows.

A police spokesperson said: “We take all allegations of crime seriously and investigate where appropriate. This is balanced against prioritising resources to tackle incidents that cause the greatest threat, risk or harm to our communities. Officers in Southampton have been engaging with local community groups as part of their everyday work, as this helps us build a picture of the issues that affect and cause the most harm to our communities.

We encourage anyone affected by crime or anti-social behaviour to report it by calling 101


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