THE POOR condition of Hampshire roads could leave drivers, bikers and cyclists facing “devastating crashes”, figures suggest.

Department for Transport figures show that seven per cent of Hampshire’s council-run roads were likely to have considerable deterioration in 2018-19.

Road users and cyclists have hit out at the condition of the roads.

They include nine per cent of unclassified roads, three per cent of A roads and motorways, and four per cent of B and C roads.

It also revealed that 18 per cent of Southampton’s council-run roads – around 64 miles – were likely to have considerable deterioration in 2018-19.

This includes 21 per cent of unclassified roads, five per cent of A roads and three per cent of B and C roads.

Brake, which campaigns for road safety, says damaged roads “can contribute to potentially devastating crashes, with cyclists and motorcyclists most at risk”.

A spokesman added: “Investment in our road network is a must to help prevent the huge cost to society of a serious crash.”

It comes as MP for Southampton Itchen, Royston Smith, raised concerns about road works and cycle lanes.

He said in a letter to the Echo: “Many residents will have noticed road works taking place across Southampton over the summer, many of which are continuing. Some of these road works are to instal additional cycle lanes to encourage people to cycle more often. Whilst I agree with more cycle lanes being built, particularly because Southampton has an air quality issue, I have been made aware of some significant near collisions which are putting pedestrians in danger.”

Chair of cycling group Southampton Cycling Campaign, Lyn Brayshaw added: “Bikes do not cause pot holes.

Bad repairs cause pot holes. The people who repair the roads need to make sure surfaces are completely smooth. Southampton should not be spending money because of utility companies doing bad quality repairs.

"The council needs to change the reporting criteria to include cycle lanes.”

Secretary for the group, Lindsi Bluemel said: "Sometimes you have to suddenly swerve to avoid potholes which can cause accidents."

Cllr Steven Galton said: “We all use Southampton roads on a daily basis so we didn’t need official figures to know that the Labour run council have not been doing a good enough job when it comes to looking after and fixing local roads.”

The Daily Echo has contacted Southampton City Council for a comment.