WE ASKED for your photos of bad parking in Southampton and beyond... and you really delivered.

We've whittled down these images of the worst parking in Hampshire, from a car parked slap-bang over two spaces to those who block pavements to pedestrians.

One white Astra appears to have been simply abandoned in the road, while the lines of a parking bay seem to be suggestions only for many of the drivers whose cars are pictured here.

As it is, there is no national ban against either on-street parking or pavement parking. The only exception to this is in London, where you wouldn't be allowed to leave your vehicle on a pavement.

However, it is an offence to drive onto the pavement – with the intention to park or not.

Because this is a criminal offence, as opposed to the vast majority of civil parking offences, it is enforceable by the police, not councils.

It's possible that a ban on pavement parking could be introduced in the future.