A VISUALLY-impaired woman was left with a grapefruit-sized lump on her leg after being attacked by a dog in Southampton.

Lynda Godwin and her guide dog Yoko were walking through Portswood when the other animal sank its teeth into her thigh.

Lynda, 65, was treated at Southampton General Hospital but is still in pain following the "horrendous" incident.

As reported in the Daily Echo police are investigating the attack, which occurred in Portswood High Street on October 5.

Officers are appealing for witnesses and have issued a CCTV image of Lynda and Yoko at about the time of the incident.

Daily Echo:

Lynda said: "I'd just crossed the High Street when I noticed a woman with a dog. Suddenly I felt a searing pain which had been caused by a great big bite on my left leg.

"I dropped everything but fortunately a very nice man offered to take my dog for me.

"The woman was very sympathetic and asked if there was anything she could do but I just told her to go away and take her dog with her. I was in such a lot of pain.

"The attack left me with a massive lump and four teeth marks.

"A neighbour took me to Southampton General Hospital, where the doctor told me 'Wow, that's some dog bite'.

"They cleaned up, gave me a tetanus jab and put me on a course of anti-biotics."

Lynda said a large Spaniel-type dog was responsible for her injuries.

Daily Echo:

She added: "I think the dog went for my dog but I was between the two animals and got bitten instead. Yoko had done nothing to provoke the attack - she was just doing her job."

Lynda, who has limited vision due to diabetic retinopathy, was the victim of another dog attack five years ago.

Giving evidence at Southampton Magistrates' Court she told how the “brutal” incident had a devastating effect on her and Vicki - her guide dog at the time.

The other dog - a boxer called Roxy - started biting Lynda and pushed the pair back against a wall. The attack was only halted when members of the public rushed to her aid.

The owner pleaded guilty to allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place. Magistrates ordered the dog to be destroyed but the order was overturned on appeal.

Last night Lynda said was determined to put the latest incident behind her, adding: "Life has to go on."