Dear Jacqui and Royston,

More terrible days with terrible traffic congestion.

On Saturday we had friends down from Weston-Super-Mare I thought we would show them Southampton.

From Bitterne Triangle in took us nearly one hour, just to get to the Polygon.

We were trying to get to Hollywood Bowling in the centre of town with our children.

It was so grid locked we had to give up and turn around.

Why is this, just too many road works around Southampton at the same time topped with this terrible wet weather that won't go away all this is causing mayhem.

With the fact every morning now since the scheme started from Bitterne Park to Cobden Bridge through to Thomas Lewis Way to Lodge Road, The Avenue is so grid locked the time it used to take has tripled. It's like living in London, just for this stupid cycle scheme that many people do not want, or will use 8-9 months of the year because of the weather we get.

It's not like we have a descent climate anymore is it for cycling?

Our live's have been made hell, even more difficult on the roads with this scheme. Eleven weeks all through winter and Christmas when the weather is bad, just a joke.

This is planned with no common sense. it is beyond me and many of my friends feel the same.

When I drive past the work menthey are doing very little, or it's raining heavy, they are hiding away sheltering.

This work so needs to be rescheduled at night not around in rush hour traffic, causing massive delays for us all and not having so many roads around the area being repaired and closed.

Aim at only small parts being made safe for cyclist at a time.

Please address this situation as son as possible. Before we all end up in hospital with stress or being involved in a car accident.

If you want us to vote for you again your not going in the right direction for it.

Hope to hear some positive news from you soon.

Glenn Miller