We are informed by the SNP that possibly 50 per cent of the Scottish population are now in favour of Independence, away from the rest of the UK. To state the obvious, therefore 50 per cent would rather be apart of the UK.

The Liberal Democrats do not want the UK to split, and more importantly they believe we should stay full members of the EU. Therefore to me, it seems that Scotland ought to be backing the Liberal Democrats, not the SNP.

At the time of writing, we could lose Northern Ireland.

The Liberal Democrat sister party there is, the Alliance and they now have an MEP.

We again are told that the people of Northern Ireland do want to stay within the EU.

Therefore the DUP backing the Conservatives is a total nonsense.

I just wonder if, say, Ireland were to put the proposition to Westminster that they could consider being apart of the UK once again.

Then we are to be referred to as being the British Isles. Would Westminster agree, as a whole nation we could indeed be then in control of the EU.

Our monarchy is in part German anyway.

We the British should be running the EU, not running away from it.

As full members, we were the 3rd largest via population, and 2nd strongest economy. Outside of that, we will be in free-fall.

Get behind the Liberal Democrats and Revoke Article 50. Make the most of our full membership of the European Union. Allow the UK to expand into the EU, and in doing so with the other Countries who have established trade deals with them.

It is a total nonsense that tiny little England can go it alone.

Come on people, you can save our country, our nation. Don't let insiders destroy our futures.

We are our worst enemies.

It is nothing to do with the EU, that you/we voted to Leave. By a tiny margin. Because you/we were lied to. By the Brexiteers!

Who are the Brexiteers? Oddly enough in some cases, people who came here as one time, foreigners! Not we genuine English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish.

Richard Grant