HUNDREDS of friends and family members turned up for an "overwhelming" boxing match in memory of 22-year-old Jordan Collett, who died in hospital last year.

With 14 of his friends going head-to-head in Testlands Hub ring, more than £11,000 was raised for Southampton's Golden Ring Boxing Club, where Jordan trained for six months before he died.

The capacity of the boxing club was filled out for the fundraising night on Saturday October 12, paying tribute to Jordan.

Jordan's father Paul Collett said: "The boxing event on Saturday night was an overwhelming success. From the moment that I collected some friends from the airport in the morning to be with us all, to the moment that we all finished up around about three in the morning after attending the after party. It was all just a fantastic day and a wonderful tribute to our dear son Jordan. I likened the atmosphere building up in the city to that on Cup Final day.

"Everyone was buzzing and many people said to me and Maria that not many people could bring the city together like Jordan can. There were many boxing bouts and it wasn't really about who won and who lost. To us, each and every person who put foot into that ring for our boy was a winner.

He added: "All of this money is going to go back into the boxing community, mainly the Golden Ring Boxing Club of which Jordan was a member of and boxing was very much a passion of his, along of course his football. We believe that the Golden Ring are planning to open another part of their building and name it after Jordan in his honour. Plans are already taking shape to try and make this an annual event and along with the football match coming up in November.

"This gives us great comfort in knowing that his name will live on forever to everyone in Southampton and beyond."

Another football match will be held at Mansel Park on the day before the anniversary of Jordan's death, on Sunday November 10, and will be open for anyone to attend.

In inquest heard that Jordan died after mixing drugs and alcohol at a party in November 2018.