A SOUTHAMPTON grandmother is “disgusted” and “unable to sleep” after a “maggot infestation” in her flat.

Pink maggots squirm about in the communal area of Alison De La Mata Escudero’s council flat in Irving Road, Southampton.

The disabled grandmother claims they have been there for months and the council has failed to act.

But now a second wave of the “disgusting” creatures is crawling around on her sitting room floor.

Measuring almost an inch long the 53-year-old claims to have found 80 maggots in her flat since Sunday alone.

Cared for by her daughter, Jenny, Alison does not know where they are coming from and is calling on the local authority to investigate their source.

Alison said: “I am on tenterhooks. It makes me feel dirty and disgusted. I can’t stay here. I am angry. There have been maggots outside [in the communal area] for months. We have turned to the council for help.”

Jenny added: “Why should she have to live in these conditions.

“The council do not want to know. It is not fair.

“The communal area gets flooded and there are also maggots and the council just says do not go outside.

“She can’t live like this. Why is it that the tennants are responsible.

“She can’t sleep. We want the council to investigate.

“Landlords have a duty of care. My mum just wants a bit of advice and for someone to come out and have a look at the cause.”

On the British Pest Control Association website a statement says: “If you have a large infestation of maggots, then we would recommend you contact a professional pest control company, preferably a member of the BPCA to investigate and administer a professional treatment to solve the problem. A trained professional will have the technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use products and equipment which are not available to the public.”

The Daily Echo has contacted Southampton City Council for comment.