EASTLEIGH headteacher has this week received an 'educational leadership' award at Hampshire's Education Awards after her incredible contributions this year.

Krista Dawkins, headteacher of Crestwood Community School had an extremely tough year in 2018, after being unfortunately diagnosed with Cancer, all while still maintaining contact with Crestwood, and fulfilling her job to the best of her ability

This year however, she was thankfully given the all clear and was subsequently nominated for the award by her colleague, and upon being shortlisted and visited by judges, was invited to the award ceremony in Winchester on Wednesday October 9th, where she took home the 'educational leadership' award.

Krista Dawkins described winning the award as 'a very big shock' after such a traumatic year.

She said: "I was diagnosed with cancer last year but was determined to continue working through all of the treatment, the only days I missed was when I had to have my chemo-therapy.

"I kept in touch with the school constantly and continued doing my job surrounded by an incredible set of staff that we like to call the Crestwood family!"

After merging with Quilley school in 2016, results for Crestwood Community School entered a decline, but recently results have began improving significantly for the school.

This meant that after such a traumatic year, the fact that grades are improving, she was given the all clear from cancer, and winning the award meant that this year was truly incredible.

When asked what the award means to the school, Krista said: "It shows parents that we're heading in the right direction, we want to provide their children a fun experience all while gaining academic success."

Upon receiving the award, the head teacher was met with an array of well wishes, such as Claire Meering, who said : "Well done, it is truly deserved.

"If every school had a head teacher like you, then the world would be such a better place, you're such an inspirational person."