MORE than a hundred protesters descended on the centre of Southampton to show their support for Kashmir while the region is in political conflict with India. 

Members of the Kashmiri community who live in the city raised awareness of the "violation of human rights in Kashmir" in a Kashmir Freedom March, after being left unable to get in touch with their loved ones who live there.

Protesters of all ages showed their support for the region with flags and placards stating "time for the UN to act for Kashmir" and "India, stop torture in occupied Kashmir".

Nurul Kamrul, from Shirley, said: "This is totally unacceptable. Civilians, women and children have been on lockdown. It is a serious abuse of power by India and a violation of human rights in Kashmir.

"I am glad I am here to protest this issue and I think it has turned out very well."

Nadia Ditta, from Newtown, said: "I am here to show my support for Kashmir and I think there is a lack of awareness on what is happening and how people are suffering.

"It is genocide and Kashmir have a right to be independent. They just want their freedom."

This comes as the Kashmiri region was sent into lockdown by the Indian government, leaving a blanket ban on mobiles, landlines and broadband, while public transport, shops and businesses remain shut.

The country’s army ordered Kashmiris to return to their homes in August and announced the reimposition of section 144 - a ban on assemblies of more than four people.

The march began at the O2 Guildhall, West Marlands Road and concluded at the Bargate, High Street.

It started at approximately 12.30pm. 

As reported in The Times of India, India said at the United Nations the "move on Kashmir is an internal matter".