FAMILIES were evacuated in the early hours of this morning (Sunday) following a serious gas leak.

A collision in Kingsway Gardens, Andover, between a van and a gas main caused the leak.

Southern Gas Network worked through the night to isolate the leak and advised on an evacuation.

Several homes were evacuated during the incident after a strong smell of gas was reported.

People were advised not to smoke or to use light switches and if they could smell gas, to open the windows and leave the property.

A tweet from Hampshire Specials said: “Major gas leak in Andover following a collision on King Arthur’s. Potential mass evacuation starting. Please bare (sic) with whilst we try to families, it’s 4 degrees and challenging #99985”

King Arthur’s Way remains closed this morning, according to Stagecoach, with buses using the main road until it has re-opened.