SOUTHAMPTON health chiefs have launched an investigating into the mystery surrounding a maggot infestation at a city flat.

Alison De La Mata Escudero was left “disgusted” and “unable to sleep” after claims she found 80 maggots in her home.

However Southampton City Council is now looking into the issue and is discussing it with tenants in the block of flats in Irving Road.

A city council spokesperson said: “We are dealing with an issue affecting a small area in one of the blocks at Irving Road. 

“We are liaising with tenants directly but would urge anyone who remains concerned to contact us or let a Neighbourhood Warden know.”

Alison claims there have been maggots in the communal area of her council flat in Irving Road for months and the council has failed to act.

Daily Echo:

The disabled grandmother who is cared for by her daughter does not know where they are coming from and previously called on the local authority to investigate their source.

Alison said: “I am on tenterhooks. It makes me feel dirty and disgusted. I can’t stay here. I am angry. 

“There have been maggots outside [in the communal area] for months. We have turned to the council for help.”

Daughter, Jenny said: “Jenny added: “Why should she have to live in these conditions. 

“The council do not want to know. It is not fair. The communal area gets flooded and there are also maggots and the council just says do not go outside.

“She can’t live like this.”