A SOUTHAMPTON couple are appealing for help to bring home an abandoned puppy rescued on the streets of Bali.

Sarah-Jane and Simon Williams are urging people to help them bring home Flash, a tiny puppy who was found on the streets being eaten alive by maggots.

Daily Echo:

The Southampton couple found Flash while on their way back from Mount Batur.

The couple were on their way back after a long day when the puppy crawled out from the jungle and stopped in front of their car.

Daily Echo:

He had a severe ear infection which maggots were eating away at.

Once at the vets, it was estimated that Flash was only four-weeks-old and vets said it was likely the puppy had been abandoned by owners after he got ill and they could not afford the medical bills.

Now, Sarah-Jane, 44, and Simon, 52, are desperately trying to raise funds to bring the puppy home.

Flash already has a new owner ready to adopt him back in the UK, but funds are needed to pay for his paperwork, flights and certificates.

They are aiming to raise £5,000 for the puppy and any extra donations will be given to the BAWA animal shelter.

Sarah-Jane's daughter, Becca Gouldbourne, who is back home in Southampton, said: "I was absolutely heartbroken when they told me the story about the puppy.

"We are a family or vegetarians and vegans and we are all massive animal-lovers, so there is no way we could watch this happen and not do anything about it.

"We actually have a 14-year-old blind chihuahua who we rescued in Bulgaria; she was only four-weeks-old, scared and hungry in an overheated pet shop glass cage."

Daily Echo:

Sarah-Jane and Simon have already personally donated £600 towards bringing Flash to the UK and the puppy's future owner has also contributed to the costs.

Becca added: "Now we are just looking for like-minded animal-lovers to support us for that final step to get him back to his forever home."

To donate money to bring Flash home, visit: www.gofundme.com/f/3543q6-bring-flash-home.