A SOUTHAMPTON delivery driver distracted by his Sat Nav caused a fatal crash with a motorcyclist when he performed an illegal turn onto a busy Hampshire road.

Brian Frederick Moles “did not see” a no right turn sign seconds before he manoeuvred his van across the Marchwood Bypass.

As Moles pulled across the carriageway, his van collided with a Harley Davidson.

The crash caused “unsurvivable” injuries to rider, Paul Matthews, 56, who later died in hospital.

Appearing at Southampton Crown Court yesterday, Moles, 53, who pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, was given a suspended sentence.

The court heard the crash took place around 10am on September 8 last year on the A326.

Moles, who was driving a Mercedes Sprinter van for catering firm Harvest Foods, had delivered a supply to Southampton Football Club’s training ground shortly before the crash.

Using a Satellite Navigation device, Moles was driving along Staplewood Lane towards the Marchwood Bypass – which is a left only turn.

Daily Echo:

Prosecutor Richard Martin told the court that the junction is signposted with a no right turn sign, a left only road marking and a traffic island directing vehicles towards the left hand bend.

But Mr Martin said witnesses saw Moles’ van indicate right, begin “creeping out” of the junction and then move across the road towards the southbound carriageway.

As he did so, the van collided with Mr Matthews, who was attempting to overtake slowing traffic in a hatched area of the road as he travelled northbound towards Hythe.

Mr Martin said Mr Matthews was was thrown off his bike and suffered “unsurvivable” injuries and later died in hospital.

Daily Echo:

Mitigating, Sushil Kumar told the court that Moles had “not deliberately” made the illegal manoeuvre.

He said Moles, who was not primarily employed as a delivery driver and was not familiar with the road, had been instructed by his Sat Nav to turn right into Park Lane – a small junction just 12 metres from the Marchwood Bypass junction.

Mr Kumar said this had caused Moles to miss the no-right turn signs.

In sentencing Moles, of Lyon Street, Southampton, to a 22-month jail term, suspended for two years, Judge Peter Henry said there was “no sentence that could properly reflect the loss of a loved one” and “no sentence should be seen in anyway to put a value on a person’s life”.

He added: “You were distracted by your Sat Nav.

“You should have taken more care and you should have realised, but I am prepared to accept this was not deliberate.

“I am going to sentence you on the basis you were distracted and made a terrible but fatal error, rather than deliberate bullying driving.”

Moles was ordered to pay £1,800 costs, carry out 300 hours unpaid work and banned from driving for four years.