THANK you for reporting the alarming spikes in numbers of heart attacks and strokes in Southampton due to air pollution.

Most people are aware that dirty air affects breathing and lungs.

The fact that it’s responsible for heart disease and brain damage is not so well known.

Other recent studies have found evidence of a link to dementia.

These important findings were discussed at The International Clean Air Summit in London yesterday and the full details published in November.

The question is “ What can be done?”

As the head of NHS England says, this is a health emergency right now and we must act now.

Who are ‘we’?

Who will act?

Each of us as an individual may do our bit, but it’s government at both national and local level that has the power to make a difference - and to save lives.

Therefore I hope the Daily Echo will continue to report on this issue and I hope all councils in our area - Southampton, Eastleigh, New Forest, Test Valley - will pay attention to vital information and advice coming out of this summit, and introduce policies and schemes that will save lives.

Sue Robson