IF it’s spooky goings-on you’re after this Halloween, you needn’t travel far.

Right here in Hampshire, there are plenty of locations that can give you a bit of a fright on the night.

Here are our top five places to go ghost hunting:

Tudor House Museum, Southampton

The Tudor House Museum in Bugle Street is one of Southampton's older buildings, dating from the 15th Century. It is widely believed to be haunted.

It was at one time a regular stop for the local police because locals were constantly reporting intruders after seeing lights on in the building and shadows passing by the windows. Every single time the police arrived to investigate they found no sign of a break-in, but lights were on when they should not have been.

Eventually, a medium was brought in and decided the culprit was a bored spirit. She left a ball which vanished, but the lights now stay off.

But, that was not the end of the paranormal activity at The Tudor House Museum which remains one of the most haunted places in Hampshire. During more recent paranormal investigations, thermal imaging equipment picked up a man sitting in a chair.

Visitors have also reported figures crossing rooms and walking through bricked up doorways and staff say there is one room which dogs refuse to enter and apparitions are regularly witnessed.

Describing itself as the 'home of Halloween', several events are taking place at Tudor House this year.

Youngsters can meet friendly spirits in the banqueting hall, have their face painted and create creepy craft items.

Family-friendly ghost tours will explore the spooky stories of Tudor House as you creep up to the attic and into the deep, dark cellars. This tour goes easy on the frights, but later tours include added jumps and frights suitable for older children.

Limited tickets are available. Pre-book by calling 023 8083 4536

Palace House, Beaulieu

Enjoy a spine-tingling journey through Beaulieu’s paranormal past with the new Palace House Ghost Stories after dark event . . . with a few spooky surprises along the way.

For just two special evenings on November 8 and 9, immerse yourself in tales of the supernatural sightings at one of the most haunted historic sites in the New Forest. Many things go bump in the night at Beaulieu, so who knows what you may encounter?

As darkness falls on Palace House, the home of the Montagu family since 1538, embark upon a bone-chilling tour through the darkened corridors and historic rooms that have been the setting of hauntings for centuries. Your guide will tell you stories and legends of ghostly characters, seen and heard along the very same passageways. However, be warned – this tour is not for the faint-hearted.

Sightings have been made over the years of a spectral Lady in Blue, thought to be Isabella, Countess Beaulieu who died in 1786, with several reports of a lady walking through walls and making lots of noise in what are now the private apartments.

Beaulieu’s supernatural sightings even attracted writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of detective legend Sherlock Holmes, to famously hold a séance in the Drawing Room of Palace House as part of his research of paranormal activity in the spooky location.

Over 18s only. See Beaulieu's website for more details.

Winchester Ghost Tours

Tales of torture, treason and execution await you on the city’s original and most popular Ghost Tour.

The tour begins inside the dark, atmospheric cellar of England Oldest bar, The Royal Oak, where you will encounter the eerie Nun and if she doesn’t scare you enough, there are plenty of ghosts to encounter along the way who will!

A ghoulish guide will take you around the old historic streets of Winchester sharing it's many haunting stories including Drunk Henry, Winchester Theatre Royal and Winchester Castle.

But, don't turn away because you never quite know when you will come face to face with one of Winchester's notorious ghosts including the Monk, Walter Raleigh and encounter the blood curdling screams of Alice Lisle!

If you're feeling brave, two 75 - 90 minute tours take place on Halloween itself.

Tickets from supernaturaltoursandevents website

Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley

Netley Chapel, the only surviving section of what was the world’s largest military hospital which has recently undergone a £3.5m restoration, is also said to be haunted.

A 'grey lady' apparition was said to appear to patients just before they died to comfort them and help their journey into the next world.

The ghost, which has been reported on numerous occasions around the park and in the chapel itself even in recent times, is said to be that of a Victorian nurse who threw herself from the chapel tower, though there are several different stories about how this came about. Either she accidentally killed a patient and killed herself out of remorse, or she couldn’t bear to be parted from the patient she had fallen in love with when he returned to the war, or she went mad with grief after her true love was killed in action and decided to join him in death.

The grey lady was said to haunt the corridors and wards of the hospital, which was built in response to reports of the appalling conditions in hospitals treating casualties of the Crimean War. It welcomed its first patients in 1863.

Spooky tales will take place around the fire in the park on Halloween itself between 6pm and 8pm.

Expect a spooky night of stories around the bonfire with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Tickets are £4 from 023 8045 5157.

Wymering Manor, Portsmouth

Here's your chance to spend Halloween in the Most Haunted House in Hampshire!

For years, Wymering Manor has been considered the most haunted location on the South Coast and it will be opening its doors for one group of intrepid paranormal investigators next week.

With its ghosts of children, bleeding nuns, and phantom horses, Wymering Manor is known as Britain's most haunted house.

Somewhere in the darkest corner of this ancient house, a child's whisper can be heard. A ghostly nun stares from the shadows, her hands dripping with blood. Apparitions silently climb the staircases and phantom horses gallop away in the night.

Welcome to Wymering Manor, the oldest building in Portsmouth and by many accounts the most haunted place in all of Great Britain.

Nobody really knows what led this location to be so full of legend and myth. Over the years, enthusiasts have begun to unpick the theories and document the sightings, and this is your chance to join the investigation.

Tickets are available on eventbrite